Orthopaedic modifications

Orthopaedic roll-off sole

Depending on the position and thickness of the roll-off sections, these soles allow better rolling of the foot for those with restricted load-carrying capabilities or movement in the ankles, knees or hip joints.

Butterfly roller

The butterfly roller is created by means of recess and soft padding in the forefoot area (not visible) and helps to relieve and cushion the particularly sensitive metatarsal head.

Raised inside/outside edge*

A raised inside or outside edge on the shoes changes the tread level during standing and the roll-off direction during walking.

Raised heel*

Raised heels are designed to compensate for length differences between the legs or to have an effect on the hips or spine.

Raised sole*

A raised sole is used to compensate for differences in leg length. The soles should be raised by a maximum of 2 cm.

Soft padding

Shock-absorbing measures on the heel of the shoe reduce stress on the heel, ankle and ankle joint. Stress is relieved on the sensitive metatarsal head in the forefoot area.

* Raised heights of up to 0.6 cm are accomplished with a cork insole inside the shoe. If you want an external modification on the sole, we kindly ask you to specify this separately when ordering.