EN ISO 20345

EN ISO 20345

All ATLAS® safety shoes meet EN ISO 20345 requirements. In addition, ATLAS® offers modern and up-to-date products in terms of comfort, ergonomic structure and foot “climate.”

Meets all the basic EN ISO 20345 requirements but is also equipped with major functions relevant to safety such as energy absorption capability in the  heel area, a closed heel area and antistatic design of the outer sole.

Meets all the basic EN ISO 20345 S1 requirements but is also equipped with a nail puncture-proof midsole.

On top of the EN ISO 20345 S1 regulations, these S2 models are also equipped with a special hydrophobic-treated leather that is especially suitable for areas in which one can expect penetration of moisture

The safety shoe for the construction professional complying with EN ISO 20345 S2 regulations. The additional nail puncture-resistant midsole prevents the penetration of pointed or sharp objects. The especially hydrophobic-treated leather upper ensures protection from moisture. A profiled outer sole guarantees secure placing of the foot.

Meaning of the additional requirements

Heat insulation
Cold insulation