The puncture-resistant midsole without steel

The puncture-resistant XP® midsole consists of a thermoplastic polyamide laminate and meets the requirements of EN ISO 20345 S3.
In contrast to the steel midsole, this high-tech material is extremely lightweight and flexible. Thanks to the flexible material structure of XP® technology, the foot enjoys greater longitudinal flexibility (torsion) of the outsole.

In practice, this means: If you unexpectedly encounter uneven ground conditions, the longitudinal flexibility provides extremely secure footing. The risk of twisting an ankle is therefore actively reduced. In addition, the fabric structure of the XP® midsole is temperature-neutral and does not form cold bridges.

A suitable XP® safety shoe has been developed for every industry. Both airy sandals and GORE-TEX® models are equipped with innovative XP® technology.

When selecting your PPE, please be aware of the different properties of puncture-resistant insoles: there are currently two general types of puncture-resistant insoles available in PPE footwear. These are metallic and non-metallic materials. Both fulfil the minimum requirements for penetration resistance as set out in the standards referred to on the shoe, but each brings different additional advantages or disadvantages, including the following:

Non-metal: can be lighter and more flexible and can cover a larger area in comparison with metal, but the penetration resistance is influenced more strongly by the shape of the sharp object/hazard (e.g. diameter, geometry, sharpness).

Metal: is less affected by the shape of the sharp object/hazard (e.g. diameter, geometry, sharpness), but limitations in terms of shoe manufacturing result in incomplete coverage of the walking surface of the shoes.

This footwear’s puncture resistance was determined in the laboratory using a blunt testing nail with a diameter of 4.5 mm with a force of 1,100 N. Greater forces or thinner nails may increase the risk of puncturing. In such cases, alternative preventive measures should be considered.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on the type of puncture-resistant insole in your shoes. We look forward to your call!