The puncture-resistant midsole without steel

The puncture-resistant XP® midsole consists of a thermoplastic polyamide laminate and meets EN ISO 20345 S3 requirements.
This high-tech material is extremely light and flexible, as opposed to many steel midsoles. Owing to the flexible material structure of the XP® technology, improved length flexibility (torsion) is created on the outsole.

In practice this means: If you unexpectedly tread on uneven surfaces, the length flexibility offers excellent safety whilst placing the foot.  As a result of this, the risk of sprains is reduced remarkably. In addition, the woven structure of the XP® midsole is temperature neutral and forms no cold bridges.

A suitable XP® safety shoe has been created for every sector. Both airy sandals and GORE-TEX® models are equipped with innovative XP® technology.