Dortmund economic award 2015



Dortmund is the city of “go-getters”. ATLAS® in the final round.


Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund (economic development), an organisation for the promotion of the economy, awarded the trophy donated by Sparkasse Dortmund at the “VIEW” at the Dortmunder U.  It was an optimistic evening: In his welcome speech for the Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund’s award, Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau observed: “The economy in Dortmund is growing.” 

Jürgen Vrankar, member of the management of ATLAS®, was happy about the successful participation in the 2014 economic award: “Many companies in Dortmund are “go-getters” - we are part of that and are among the top three.”

In total, 160 companies were nominated for the award; apart from ATLAS®, the winner Elmos AG and Anker Schroeder had reached the final round.
We extend our congratulations! 



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