Founded in Unna in 1910, the ATLAS® Schuhfabrik has a long tradition. Back then, it was still called “Unnaer Schuhfabrik” (Unna shoe factory). Only 16 employees worked on 3 floors at the time. Stitching and cutting out of the precious leather parts took place on the first floor, which was also the lasting department. The steel toecaps were also fitted here. The ground floor contained the actual store as well as the dispatching area, the metal working and sales department.

Back in the day, 80 pairs of shoes presented a good turnout of production. Today, ATLAS® has a daily production of over 7,000 pairs of safety shoes.

On their 50th anniversary Atlas counted 63 employees and represents a daily production of 400 pairs of shoes. After remaining in Unna for a further 14 years of production, the ATLAS® Schuhfabrik decided to move their production to a new production site in Dortmund-Wickede in 1974.