During the production of the ATLAS® polyurethane outsoles, the sole molds are preheated for the foaming process. ATLAS® has developed an individual and unique solution together with a German manufacturer of solar technology, which significantly reduces power consumption and protects the environment in the long term.

For this purpose, a total of 300 m2 of solar panels were installed on the production roof, through which a carrier medium flows. This carrier medium is heated to up to 100 ° C by low levels of solar radiation and then fed to a heat storage unit. This heat storage in turn is connected to our production machines and now directly heats the heat exchanger of the thermal oil on the machine. The required 60 ° C flow temperature can therefore be transferred to the machines for 24 hours - also due to the heat storage. This means that 100% of electrical energy can be saved on 70% of the annual working days and replaced by solar energy.