ATLAS® AND BVB - True love

We will continue to stand side by side – this is what ATLAS® and BVB promised each other in 2022 and extended their partnership. Values such as authenticity, cohesion and excellence have always connected these two institutions from Dortmund. „For us, true fan loyalty does not end at the start of the shift,“ explains ATLAS® CEO Hendrik Schabsky. „That‘s why we, as a manufacturer of work shoes, are also a perfect fi t on the football pitch. Especially since our ‚Malocher 09‘ model is available in the black and yellow BVB design.“ BVB CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke adds: „As a club with close ties to its home region, regional partnerships are particularly important to us. We are therefore pleased that we can continue both our long-standing cooperation as well as the success story to date.“ For ATLAS® the partnership means a range of communication options. These include animations on video hoardings, advertisements and editorial integration into the BVB stadium magazine „Echt“, as well as logo displays on partner boards in the stadium walkways and in the VIP areas at all Borussia Dortmund home matches.