The Pro version of the ERGO series adds further features to the advantages of the ERGO Comfort Insole: Thanks to a foil coating on the upper side of the sole facing the foot the ERGO Pro Insole guarantees special slip resistance. The special grip zone increases stability and a bio-mechanical pad in the forefoot area supports the adaptation of the sole to the foot. Extra heel cushioning, the rebound pad, protects you from knocks in the impact phase, while your heel is dynamically guided into the rolling movement of your foot. Simply start walking and feel the 3D contact all over your foot thanks to the memory system. Your ATLAS® safety shoe has never felt so good.


  • Professional insole for everyday work
  • 100% recycled polyurethane
  • 3D adaptation to the geometry of your foot thanks to the memory system
  • Bio-mechanical pad in the midfoot area to support the natural rolling movement of your foot
  • Cushion foam padding made of extremely dense, open-cell polyurethane in the heel area
  • Special grip zone for maximum stability
  • Rebound pad as additional relief on longer distances
  • Breathable and moisture-absorbing thanks to performance textile mix
  • Temperature and odour compensation thanks to activated carbon content
  • Neutralises germs in the shoe
  • Antistatic

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