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Only winners were there finally after five hours. Especially Gerd Kister of the “Dortmund Kindertafel”. He received a check about 4,000 euros, which Mr. Werner Schabsky the CEO of ATLAS® shoe factory, increased to the double amount. 8000 euros which can be used very well of the “Kindertafel”. Finally more than 250 visitors enjoyed an eventful, colorful and informative evening.

Meeting place for the fourth edition of the cooking and talk event 'Heads - Cooks - Comedians', presented by the “Westfälische Rundschau” and “Sparkasse Dortmund” was this time the ATLAS® shoe factory in Dortmund Wickede. The warehouse and the adjoining rooms of the modern company had been redesigned festively by the team of Culina-DO, a subsidiary of “Westfalenhallen". We are surrounded by cattles," said WR chief Malte Hinz, referring to the many stacked blue and red boxes". But they rest in peace and satisfied as safety shoes in high-bay warehouses". No fashionable stilettos leave the past 100 years existing plant, but safety shoes. Therefore the skins of 150,000 Black Angus cattles are processed yearly. "In the factory in Brazil, every day 10,000 pairs of shoes are produced," says CEO Werner Schabsky. A well-established team of moderators, chief of WR, Malte Hinz and his deputy Frank Fligge guide through the evening between the epicurean courses. Everything revolves around the cattle.

The TV-known legal expert and WR columnist Wolfgang Büser explained humorously how expensive for some people the terms "bull" or "ox" can be, Jörg Busatta (Sparkasse Dortmund) was reminds of the bronze bull in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Between courses it was possible to look over the shoulders of the chef Dirk Gluma and his team. The panel discussion with Martina Ostermann was sweet and solid animalistic, who is very successful with many delicious flavors  with the "Kuhbar", together the butcher Christopher Grabowski, who offers in his butcher's shop in Castrop-Rauxel quality meat for gourmets or Hugo Gödde, head of organic meat in Bergkamen. His motto is: "The animals have to live before their death at least reasonable."

A cow as a power plant could Mr. Ralf Karpowski (Board at DEW21) not even imagine and therefore prefer wind energy. Besides that some people had a reunion with Dr. Stefan Schmidt, ten years physician and emergency physician in Dortmund, now again in Cologne ("but perceived Dortmunder") and also the President of a casual carnival society

"The Cows”, with cow skins imitations on caps and uniforms. Hard to believe, but the “most of the members are Westphalians", Schmidt invited to join the foolish celebrations to the Rhine. For the first time in "Heads - Cooks – Comedians” lots have been sold and the “Kindertafel” benefited of the proceeds. 1880 Euro came together. Änne from Drüpplingsen (Monika Badtke) caused a lot of cheeriness, the fittest pensioner in a floral dress from northern Iserlohn. As a "woman with red strawberry mouth" she was with a tuned walking frame looking for her perfect fruit basket.


 Joachim vom Brocke (WR)


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