ATLAS® - the shoe company is one of the leading manufacturers of safety shoes in Europe. ATLAS® has been producing high quality and innovative safety shoes since the company was founded in 1910. At the modern production site in Dortmund 2.6 million pairs of safety shoes are produced every year and shipped throughout Europe. Behind all this is a dedicated team of over 1,450 employees. The high level of manufacturing competence is based on our experienced specialists, who with their know-how account for the decisive success factor.

As an international company with over 1,450 employees in 5 countries, ATLAS® is a leading manufacturer of innovative safety shoes. Our customers include top European companies in industry and high-performance specialist retailers.

Every ATLAS® safety shoe is of excellent quality and tailored precisely to meet your needs. We use selected materials, precise workmanship and the highest reliability to produce products that will continue to inspire you tomorrow.


The lightweight and innovative outsoles for our 2.6 million pairs of safety shoes are manufactured around the clock on 8 state-of-the-art PU direct injection systems at our production site in Dortmund. With 3D printing, state-of-the-art robots and currently the world's largest PU direct injection system, we offer our customers the highest quality for their working environment. Made in Dortmund! The safety shoes receive the finishing touches in final assembly before they are ready for shipment throughout Europe.


With more than 300,000 shoes our logistics centre is fast, flexible and can guarantee ATLAS® just-in-time delivery for our specialist retailers and industrial customers. The modern logistics centre ensures you access to all our quality products as quickly as possible. You benefit from our innovations and flexible service. More than 500,000 stock items mean you have optimised delivery logistics at your disposal, because our safety shoes can be delivered within 24 hours.


Our high flexibility, both in production and logistics, is unique in this industry and forms the basis of your satisfaction in working together with us."

Hendrik Schabsky | CEO, ATLAS®


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Nowadays, development and production are global tasks. We manufacture the leather parts of our safety shoes in our factory in the south of Brazil. The production facilities of ATLAS® are located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, near the Argentine border, in the university town of Lajeado and in Bom Retiro.

The core values of the ATLAS® brand have always been quality and value. We place particularly high demands on our products so that people are optimally protected in the working environment and at the same time a high degree of wearing comfort is guaranteed. As a result, we process refined, high-quality leather.

In the south of Brazil, the Black Angus is one of the cattle breeds to graze on an enormous grassy plain, which is jokingly called "the largest cow pasture in the world". A quality product that is more than just a material is produced from the cattle skins. The leather quality offers the best wearing comfort and is particularly durable.


Every day the uppers for our shoes are made from these high-performance materials in many precise steps and with the help of the latest manufacturing technologies. More than 1,200 employees here use state-of-the-art machines to produce our high-quality shafts: the shoe uppers. The next stage is final assembly which is followed by an ultimate quality control, before the finished shoe uppers start their journey to Dortmund.


The modern equipment of the buildings and the use of advanced technologies offer excellent working conditions for the workforce. Just like the free day care centre, which with its all-day care and meals offers a very special advantage for the staff in Bom Retiro.


The bond between the German and Brazilian workforces is very strong. Since the cities in the region of Rio Grande do Sul were founded by Germans and Italians in the period from 1830 to 1850, about 40% of the employees speak German due to their origin. As a result of this cultural link, all corporate communication is made easier and so over the years many personal friendships have developed within the company.