When your neck, knees and back hurt – but it is actually your feet that are to blameWenn 


Whether it is your back, knees, hips or neck: Numerous physical complaints manifest themselves in the course of our lives in seemingly unrelated areas, but our feet are actually to blame. Or rather, their disregard. Foot statics is a – hopefully healthy – basis for numerous other areas of our body. If it gets out of balance, it can cause points of pain.

Splayed, flat or skew feet can, for example, lead to a functional change in the muscles attached to them. If the tension in these muscles changes, back or neck pain occurs. At the same time, there is increased wear and tear on the joints and, if the weight is not optimally distributed, premature wear and tear of the cartilage. In other words, wear and tear of the joint (osteoarthritis) occurs earlier. Splayed & flat feet can lead to an oblique position in the lower leg, which distributes the pressure unevenly on the knee joint. This can lead to excessive wear and tear of the joint cartilage, especially in the outer (lateral) area of the knee. In addition, the malposition of the foot can impair some of the cushioning function of the foot and ankle joints, which in turn increases the wear and tear of the cartilage in the knee – and also the pain.


These are just two examples of how neglecting foot health can have a lasting impact on our well-being. Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet and frequently suffers from neck, knee, back or of course foot pain, should seek advice from an orthopaedic or podiatry practice. Insoles may be able to help counteract malpositions and relieve the associated muscles and structures. If the level of suffering is not yet severe, a semi-orthopaedic insole can help – because prevention is better than cure.



Which malpositions of the foot do we have here?

Malpositions of the foot manifest themselves in many different ways, but are unfortunately rarely recognised as such. They are often signalled by pain or discomfort, especially after exertion. However, this does not only mean pain directly in the feet or ankles, but also back or neck pain, knee problems or discomfort in the hips. The reason for this is that malpositions of the foot can change the tension on muscles, which in turn cause pain in completely different areas of the body. The pain is over faster than the cause can be discovered, and treatment does not seem necessary.


Malpositions of the foot can also be seen with the naked eye. For example, in the case of an extremely, highly arched foot, a protruding hallux valgus or even a footprint on the sandy beach that is much wider in the middle than others. This is most likely to be flat feet. Everyday problems such as frequent twisting or spraining your ankle can also indicate a malposition. A professional can also recognise a malposition of the foot by the pattern of your gait. Increased buckling can be just as much a sign, as can visible instability in your sequence of movement.


Special attention is needed to detect foot malpositions in children. As they are still growing, muscles and tendons adapt more easily to malpositions, which prevents pain at a young age, but can affect the person in later life. In children, for example, an unusual rolling behaviour when walking indicates a malposition. It is also worth taking a look at the soles of their shoes. If these are worn asymmetrically, there is a possibility of a malposition of the foot. If a malposition runs in the family, it should be checked in the child, even if the child does not complain of any restrictions. The earlier the expert recognises the malposition, the greater the success that therapy promises.



Every foot is different. How is a single insole supposed to optimally fit thousands of foot sizes and shapes? The answer is provided by ATLAS: With the aid of flowmould technology, the FIT INSOLE can be individually tailored to the unique arch of your foot.





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