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article number 99200
Size: 36-49

Insole high pronounced support for the feet: for comfortable foot padding and natural back relief. Do you suffer from symptoms of strain due to a claw foot? Some 5% of the population have this hereditary foot deformity. In the claw foot, the longitudinal arch remains excessively arched when subject to a load. The foot is barely able to exert a dampening effect. The ATLAS® insole offers relief: Ergo-Med® red


Relaxation for your feet


Running and walking now hold a true wellness feeling: The exclusive Ergo-Med® insoles offer you relaxation for your feet. Thanks to the longitudinal arch support - in three different thicknesses - the insoles adapt optimally to your feet and thus ensure comfortable, soft bedding. Sensitive pain and pressure points are perceptibly relieved by the excellent cushioning and even weight distribution. The high-quality Ergo-Med® insoles are certified for ATLAS® safety shoes according to EN ISO 20345. They are antistatic and can therefore also be worn in ESD shoes. Relaxation you can feel: with every step.